Matthew Dochstader

Creative Director / Co-owner

Matthew has been working in the visual effects industry for over 15 years. He's worked on feature films, TV shows as well as hundreds of national commercials. During that time He's also had the opportunity to capture photos and videos for many corporate projects, weddings and events. His work ethic and workflow come from the fast paced commercial industry where he's had the opportunity to work with many national brands and their campaigns. He brings a knowledge base and visual style that comes from a background that is rooted in quality and attention to detail. 


Liselle Dochstader

Producer / Co-owner

Coming on board as the Producer for Paradox Images in 2021 to help with much of the behind the scenes aspects of the business, Liselle has been an integral part of helping the business grow over the past couple of years.  Keeping everything, and everyone, organized is a key part of the Producer role and it’s one that Liselle is happy to have taken on (Matt is happy about it too!).  Though she has had a few career changes over the years, small-business owner has been one of the titles that she’s most proud of.

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