About the Project:
Client: Lambton College
Year: 2022
Production: Paradox Images

Director: Matthew Dochstader
Producer: Liselle Dochstader
DOP/Edit/Colour: Matthew Dochstader

Lambton College International contacted us with the idea of capturing the unique stories and lives of some of their students.  Their hope was that we could follow them around and capture them docu-style as they lived their lives in Toronto, North York and Mississauga.  We were excited about this concept and had so much fun on our week-long adventure in the GTA.  A mixture of testimonial and docu-style filming over the course of a week meant we had an incredible amount of footage to build individual videos for each of the students, as well as collaborative videos in which the students touch on the same subject.  This is one of our favourites: Culture in Canada.

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